QQBee has been in the business for over a decade. We first operate in Malaysia. In Malaysia, our store have reached to 200 outlets and it is located all over the country. We are operating under our brands: QQBee and Sumo.

The QQBee business enjoys a proven system and track-record. We will undertake all training required at all levels of operation to ensure that your business profit is maximized.

QQBee will be with you all the way, from exploring potential business sites to well-defined start-up costs to actual operation trouble-shooting. You can count on QQBee for long-term commitment and support.

This is an ideal opportunity to start a business that has been proven successful. QQBee will operate a pilot outlet as an affirmation of its commitment to licensees as well as serve as a practical training outpost.

QQBee has gone through intensive concept research and development and we offer the following affordable schemes to you. Each scheme is carefully designed to suit your investment budget.


40-10 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11354